Dear international Importers,

Uwe is the first German non-alcoholic craft beer brand. Brewed and naturally crafted according to the German “Reinheitsgebot” (purity law). It’s the only alcohol free beer you can drink with confidence. Because you simply want to. Because it’s better then most beers with alcohol.

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It is brewed in a special, self-developed way. We don’t get rid of the alcohol afterwards. Our special, self grown, yeast makes it possible to brew without producing more than <0,5% alcohol in the first place. This natural process makes the beer tastier and better.

If you want to import Uwe to your beautiful country (big fans!), drop us a line.

If you own a shop, restaurant or bar in UK, France, Spain or Austria you can now order Uwe directly via Ankorstore: https://www.ankorstore.com/brand/uwe-das-alkoholfreie-craft-bier-626
Contact us for a 100€ Voucer (yes, for real) for the Ankorstore.


Uwe – a brand of GUTE GmbH
Beim Grünen Jäger 10a
20359 Hamburg

Drink responsibly - drink a lot of Uwe
Drink responsibly – drink a lot of Uwe